Tomcat run configuration naming

Just wondering why whenever I create a new run configuration for a new tomcat server Inteliij creates it as a Unamed_<Project Name> tomcat folder even when I explictly name it? i.e. it creates <user home>/.IntelliJIdea13/system/tomcat/Unamed_<Project> The tomcat server has a name, the run configuration has a name the project has a name - what exactly is Unnamed?

Thereason I ask is this makes attaching logfiles to the tomcat configuartion more of a pain because the folders under /.IntelliJIdea13/system/tomcat/ all have weird unhelpful semi-autogenerated names, we tend to put our logs at ${catalina.base}/log which given .IntelliJIdea13 is hidden is make it a really awkward logging location to add, but I think a pretty common use-case.

Am I doing something wrong?

PS also have seen IDEA suddenly change this folder and create a new one with but with Tomcat< tomcat version>_(<count>)_<Project Name> folder. Which suddenly breaks locations of any logs I've previously attached.

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This directory is just not supposed to be seen by user, so its name is arbitrary.

The case with logs looks reasonable. Welcome to create a usability problem issue in the bug tracker. (I have searched, but not found the one.)

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