Features I can't live without in the first 8.0 release

Please post a list of the JIRA feature requests you pray make it into IDEA before 8.0 is released.



Fewer bugs for 8.0
Background indexing for 8.1


Specific JIRA issues stand a much better chance of getting attention from JetBrains.


Features I cannot live without:

These 2 I believe are related:

Sping Web Flow 2.0 cannot resolve tiles-def views

Support Struts Tiles + Spring without using Struts config xml

"Jon Steelman" <no_reply@jetbrains.com> wrote in message

Please post a list of the JIRA feature requests you pray make it into IDEA
before 8.0 is released.




I'm not sure if IDEA 8.0 officially supports Hibernate Annotations.

However, our project now uses the specific @org.hibernate.annotations.Table annotation (instead of the generic JPA one), and this causes the ORM model to be incomplete:
IDEA-20134: "Resolve "appliesTo" attribute of "org.hibernate.annotations.Table" annotation"

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Definetely these:
- Editor tabs: EditorTabPlacement settings are not applied. This prevents me to put the tabs on the right side of the screen.
- Drag & drop tabs
- Specify Editor Tab Width

Having the tabs there has multiple advantages:
- you can see more tabs at a time because more tabs fit on the screen
- the occupied space is taken from the right side where I have a lot because I use a widescreen LCD

I insist on this tabs-on-the-right issue because it's a big productivity boost.


Tabswitch support. At the moment, Tabswitch is broken for me, and it's (besides ctrlspace) one of my most used shortcuts. At the moment, the dialog doesn't disappear, I can't select files, and I can't walk through the list by pressing alta multiple times. For me, it's a must fix!


Another one: Highlight usages in file!

At the moment, it's almost perfect, but please make it the same a the manual 'Search -> Highlight usages in file'. At the moment, when selecting a catch statement, it doesn't display the place where it's thrown. The 'Search -> HUIF' version does highlight it, and IMO, it would be a very nice addition to have it!



It's been only what, 2½ years, and I still can't edit unregistered files without hassle. I can't reason for the life of me why this still hasn't been implemented.


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