Have Javadoc code format not add Java8 invalid tags

Given Java8 is far more fussy over JavaDoc syntax is their an option to stop IDEA adding or changing self closed tags like <p/> to JavaDoc comments and add them as <p> instead to comply with the linter. Failure to comply with the offical syntax stops JavaDoc being produced. Yes I already know about
http://blog.joda.org/2014/02/turning-off-doclint-in-jdk-8-javadoc.html but want to stop adding to the problems while using IDEA in the meantime.

Ideally I'd like this even if I'm using java 5,6,7 syntax - not Java 8 only mode as we've not switched yet.

PS. Also noticed typing <br> into JavaDoc gets expanded to <br></br> which is non-sensical.

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Any solution to this?


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