Configure Maven run configurations once for several projects


I have several maven run configurations that I use on all my projects.

Is there a way to create a run configuration that is available on all the projects I open? It could apply to the currently selected module, for example.

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In general it's possible. Close all projects, get Welcome screen. Press Configure, press Project Defaults, press Run Configurations. Create a configuration, Ok to save. It is saved in template project settings, and will be auto-created in every new project.

Another story is can a template configuration hold all settings you need. E.g. you cannot refer to "current IDEA module diirectory" just because IDEA run configurations are not per-module, they belong to a project. But you can refer to IDEA project directory via $PROJECT_DIR$ macro.

Please try and ask specific questions.


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Thank you for your answer.

>> Please try and ask specific questions.

How was this question not specific?


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