IDEA does a good job of importing settings from previous versions/builds.

However, the one file it misses is bin/idea.exe.vmoptions
I always have to manually change this as the defaults aren't big enough for my project.
This is also a bit of a pain when you use Vista, as Progam Files is protected and you need to elevate the permissions of the program you are using to edit it.
Could this be moved to a different directory?
Or just be picked up by the installer as part of importing previous settings?

The other thing is, that on uninstall, the file (and thus parent directories) doesn't get removed.
Can you add an option to the uninstaller to remove files/directories that weren't added by the installer?

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There is a plugin IDEA VM Options plugin which carries over your settings. However, it has a little quirk, in that right after upgrade, the first time you run, the settings will be the default out-of-the-box settings. That is because the plugin hasn't had a chance to update the idea.exe.vmoptions file with your old settings. But the next time you run IntelliJ, it's all set. So, what I usually do after upgrade is run IDEA, then immediately close it, then run it again so my vm memory options have taken effect.

Jetbrains should definitely make this a part of the product, and maybe fix it so the settings are immediately transferred on upgrade.

One caveat: I just noticed what seems to be a conflict between IDEA VM Options and a OutOfMemory handling in IDEA. I ran out of PermGen Space. IDEA popped up a dialog saying that my 99MB PermGen space was OutOfMemory. So I bumped it to 120MB and restarted. Well, now that I look at my idea.exe.vmoptions, it looks like the IDEA VM Options plugin has overwritten what IDEA wrote and so now my PermGen space is back to 99MB. Anyway, that is just another reason for Jetbrains to handle all of this to avoid problems.



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