8995 won't open the simplest of projects (out of memory)

see the attached picture... it says it has only used 70mb, but is asking me to increase my Xmx value which I've pushed all the way to 1024m so far.

this happens when opening any project.

if I say "ignore" it opens the project and then continues to give me the same out of memory error over and over.

i'm on Mac. I've disabled all 3rd party plugins.

anyone else seen this?

Picture 1.png
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Naturally, the memory utilization feedback does not track every byte allocated. The more rapidly storage is being allocated, the more that display will lag behind the actual heap status. I believe that application start-up is one of the most aggressively memory-consumptive phases of IDEA's execution and, if true, means the heap status display is, at that time, in one of its most inaccurate states.

Randall Schulz


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