Adobe Air Debugging without Packaging and Deployment

I am getting started using IDEA 12.1.7 for Adobe Air mobile app development. So far I've had a great experience using IDEA instead of Flash Builder, but I have a question.

When I Debug my Air program on my device using the "iOS device" option, it always creates the iOS package, looks for devices, installs the package, and finally sets up the IDE to listen for the debug program to connect.

Is there a way to put the IDE in its debug mode without recreating and deploying the package again?

I just want to run the program again and again, perhaps with different inputs while debugging.



IntelliJ IDEA 13 has the feature to debug the app already installed on the device using Flash Remote Debug run configuration. Unfortunately the feature is not available in IntelliJ IDEA 12.


Thank you for the response. I hadn't found any reason to upgrade because the only mention of Adobe Air/Flex is:

"Support for the latest Apache Flex SDK, Adobe AIR SDK. Numerous bug fixes and usability improvements."

It would be nice to have some descriptions of the "usability improvements", which probably include the "Flash Remote Debug" run configuration.

Are there other features that would make upgrading worth-while?


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