Loading default branches configuration slownesss...

Hi all,

I've just given the EAP another try, and after an index, a re-index, an index of modified files, a reindex because my iml's have changed, and all the indexes of javascript and xsl stuff (in short: 8 minutes later), I am now trying to update from SVN.

However, I've been stuff for the last two minutes now, and I'm watching a nice dialog called 'Loading default branches configuration'. There's no cancel button, no background button: it just blocks my UI, and I have not idea what it's doing. It's gone, and then back again, and gone, and back... My guess is that it's indexing(?) my projects, but I have around 50 of them (projects/modules), and with this speed, it will last another couple tens of minutes.

Would it be possible to speed it up, or do it in the background, so that at least I can continue programming?

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Hello Erik, that should have been fixed for 8975 and later.
What is the build number?

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Oh, sorry: it's 8987...

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I've rechecked.
It seems it really took long time for you, but no bug.
If there is no branch configuration (those shown in Configure Branches dialog) defined for Subversion VCS mapping, first time it is asked - "default" configuration is created: IDEA tries to guess where trunk and branches are.
For it, IDEA goes to repository, it's remote operation and seemed to have taken long time for you.

I just cleared configuration for my project and checked cases when there is or there is no connection to SVN server. Both ways it works.


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