How About a Visual Studio ReSharper Keymap for IntelliJ IDEA

I am primarily a .NET C# developer using Visual Studio and ReSharper for development. I've excellent working knowledge of ReSharper and want to leverage that in IntelliJ IDEA (with my personal Java adventures) without having to learn the IDEA keymap scheme. IDEA has a Visual Studio keymap but that mainly updates such key bindings as Find (Ctrl + F) and Replace (Ctrl + H). Because Visual Studio doesn't have built-in capabilities like "inspect this..." etc., those key maps in Visual Studio keymap scheme is merely a dump of IDEA's.

In VS.NET, ReSharper comes with two keymaps, IDEA and Visual Studio. I've been using the Visual Studio scheme since R# 5 and really would like to have a keymap in IntelliJ idea that actually is a combination of the Visual Studio IDEA keymap and R# Visual Studio keymap. This combinational keymap is what I am calling Visual Studio ReSharper keymap for IntelliJ IDEA.

I'd appreciate if someone can share thier keymap if they have created one that's close to the stated description. If JetBrains is hearing, how about bundling an additional keymap scheme with IntelliJ that's essentially a combination of Visual Studio scheme (in IntelliJ IDEA) and ReSharper Visual Studio scheme (in VS.NET)?

-- Jan

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