AbstractMethodError when trying to put content into html area of php file


I am getting an AbstractMethodError error whenever I try to paste content or type content into an area of HTML that resides within a PHP file, unsure how to fix this.

The error

10:57:05 AM AbstractMethodError: com.intellij.webcore.template.formatter.AbstractTemplateLanguageFormattingModelBuilder.createTemplateLanguageBlock(Lcom/intellij/lang/ASTNode;Lcom/intellij/psi/codeStyle/CodeStyleSettings;Lcom/intellij/psi/formatter/xml/XmlFormattingPolicy;Lcom/intellij/formatting/Indent;Lcom/intellij/formatting/Alignment;Lcom/intellij/formatting/Wrap;)Lcom/intellij/formatting/Block;: com.intellij.webcore.template.formatter.AbstractTemplateLanguageFormattingModelBuilder.createTemplateLanguageBlock(Lcom/intellij/lang/ASTNode;Lcom/intellij/psi/codeStyle/CodeStyleSettings;Lcom/intellij/psi/formatter/xml/XmlFormattingPolicy;Lcom/intellij/formatting/Indent;Lcom/intellij/formatting/Alignment;Lcom/intellij/formatting/Wrap;)Lcom/intellij/formatting/Block;

This is when trying to put content between ?> Some HTML <?php of a section of PHP.

Source file is PHP

Using IntelliJ 13, and yesterday I upgraded to 13 from version 12.

Windows version of IntelliJ 13.

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Hello John,

What PHP plugin version (Settings | Plugins) and IDEA build (Help | About) do you use? Make sure they are compatible. For example for IDEA 13.0.2  the last PHP plugin version is 133.982, see table at http://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/6610?pr=idea . Also try disabling 3rd plugins if any, do File | Invalidate Caches and restart, reinstall the plugin.

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Thanks Andrey Dernov, a reinstall of the PHP plugin seemed to work.


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