Module Dependencies - Move To Top

I have a project that has about 30 dependent jars.
If I add a new jar it is added to the bottom of the classpath.
If I now want to move it to the top I have to click Move Up 30 times!

Can you add the Move To Top and Move To Bottom functionality please.

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Wouldn't direct manipulation be preferable?

That is, allow the user to drag entries to the desired position in the list.
(But keep the current incremental up and down operations and maybe add the "to top" and "to bottom" buttons, too.)

Randall Schulz

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Last time I pointed this out it wasn't implemented. Let's try to push it again :)

+2 from me if I may...

P.S.: my case is more extreme, 30 deps is not a limit :)

Edited by: Andrew Perepelytsya on Oct 28, 2008 11:00 AM

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Alternatively, select all the other JARs and move the group down one.

I agree that "Move to Top/Move to Bottom" makes sense, however.


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