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I'm a IDEA 7.0.4 user and just installed and tried the latest Diana build #8940. There is a list of wishes in my mind for a long time and I wonder if there are anything existing issue for them already (i did a search in JIRA but surprisingly, I can't find any), or if such feature is available in some way already:

1. drag-and-drop (or with mouse click, or any way other than using "move editor to opposite tab group") to re-order editor tabs
2. make a splittable editor float (undock)
3. open more than one floating editor

for 1, fyi, Eclipse supports it.

for 2 and 3, I'm using a dual monitor PC and I found I can't use two editors on each side to code. Providing feature to help using IDEA in dual monitor environment should be naturally valuable to IDEA because the companies that use IDEA should have better-than-average budget and those companies are likely to provide better-than-average computer equipment to the developers.

I understand such features will probably not available in IDEA 8 but at least I wish it to be added to the JIRA so it might happen in IDEA 9 or 10.


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i just realize when "tab" is used for searching in JIRA, it's set to TabSwitch component by default

I found the issue about tab re-order and have voted it already. thx

there was actually request since 2002! :)

Looks like I'll fall back to to use 7.0.4 for the plugin

and this for floating editor support

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