IntelliJ 13 and remote host sync

I have IntelliJ 12 PHP project and setum remote host sync and everything works as expected. When I have upgraded to IntelliJ 13.0.2 the sync stopped working. When I update a file and save it IntelliJ does not upload the file to the remote host. When I switched back to IntelliJ 12 everything is fine. I used the old project, I re-created this project from scratch - nothing helped. Is it known issue? Is there workaround? Have I miss a config option?

Thank you for help

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Please make sure you have a default server specified in Settings / Deployment. It is a toggle button.

Also make sure Settings / Deployment / Options / "Upload changed files automatically" has proper value.

For logging set Settings / Deployment / Options / Operations logging = Details. With that value, what File Transfer tool window shows when you save a file?


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Thank you for your reply. The Settings / Deployment / Options / "Upload changed files automatically" did not have the proper value. It looks like IntelliJ 13 has a bug (at least on Windows) transfering project settings from IntelliJ 12 to IntelliJ 13.

I've fixed the setting and now it works as expected.


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