Ruby debugging in IDEA 13 extremely slow

Once a ruby breakpoint is hit, it takes about 20 seconds for the UI to populate the debug area and that continues everytime I step or try to expand a variable.

It is essentially unusable.

I've seen recent reports of this happening in the RubyMine forums and as a result I tried:
1. Disabling "Read frames of non-suspended threads" in Settings.Debugger.Ruby
2. Moving the .IntelliJIdea/system directory and letting that get rebuilt.

Neither of those helped.

I am on Windows 7 and have a teammate experiencing the same problem since he upgraded from IDEA 12 -> IDEA 13.

Any thoughts on what I may try?



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Hello Jim,

Please check that 'Watch method return value' option is disabled in settings in 'Debug Tool Window':
Could you provide CPU and Memory snapshots ( and idea.log (Help - Show Log in...) after reproducing the issue?

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Thank you for your suggestion, Yaroslav.

Oddly, the settings icon is not available to me. I am on 13.0.2.

I did try deleting the project and all intelliJ info. Then I set up all the plugins and the project again and had the same problems.

I've created the CPU & memory snapshots, but they are huge! (5mb and 31mb respectively). The memory snapshot is too big to be attached in this forum. I can try emailing them if there is a jetbrains address that I could send them to.



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