Intellij 13 Ultimate: Unable to edit database rows with uuid primary keys in PostgreSQL

I recently set up my Intellij 13 Ultimate to connect to our PostgreSQL database.  It connects properly and I can view the tables.  However when I attempt to edit their values I get the following error:

12:04:02 PM UPDATE "<schema_name>"."user" SET "active" = ? WHERE "id" = ?
12:04:02 PM [42883] ERROR: operator does not exist: uuid = character varying
            No operator matches the given name and argument type(s). You might need to add explicit type casts.
            Position: 49

My co-worker tested it in PyCharm and received the same error.  Is there something I need to set in Intellij's Database tool to work with uuid values?  We don't have any issues when editing the values from pgAdmin.

While searching for a solution we came across this assigned bug from version 12 with no comments and no resolution:

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Fixed. Thanks for pinging.

UUID edititing is allowed as plain text, i.e. no format checking for now.

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Great!  Thank you for the fast response.  As soon as I get a chance I will download the 13.1 EAP and give it a try.

Just to clarify is the fixed added to Pycharm as well or will that need to be a separate update?


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