How to create a multi module project setup in IntelliJ 13?

Hello @all,

I have a question about the project setup functionalities of IntelliJ 13.

I am developing on a JEE web application. I can create a project for that web application which is deployed into tomcat server and so on. This is no problem. But I have a second proiect which is used by the wep application project and which is provided as a jar-File.

Now, I need to know how I can create a multi module project for these two projects where every module can have a different source path in the version control system.

At the moment the two described projects exist as Eclipse projects and I want to switch from Eclipse to IntelliJ IDE.

Thanks you.

Kind regards

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Hello Patrick,

You need to import this Eclipse project as IDEA module , then associate this module directory with VCS . You can have multiply directories associated with different VCSs in the same project.

If you need to configure dependencies on the module, check Adding dependencies on modules section of this help topic

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