Ctrl-B brings up class instead of source file

Ctrl-B (Goto Declaration) is pulling up the Java class file instead of
the source code. It is happening for a new content root that I added
containing code for an addtional module.

This module is not located in the same directory as the main
application, but I've do compile all the source intol one location(a
Tomcat WEB-INF/classes directory, if it matters).

I'm sure I've got something odd in the project file, but what could
cause the class file to appear instead of the source. If I Ctrl-N, only
the source file options appear and the I can bring them up normally.

Any ideas?

David H. McCoy


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This has been driving me crazy for a while. http://intellij.net/forums/message.jspa?messageID=5223500#5223500

In 8858 I also started experiencing the same during debugging, and this makes the debugger simply -*** unusable ***- . I.e. the first time a breakpoint is hit, we see the source code, but the moment we try to step through the code and reference another class & method, it jumps into a class file. Agghhhh.....

I just hope it brings Jetbrains' attention, it really is a major regression, but I haven't heard anything from them to confirm/deny.



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