Odd behavior with Generate Java From WSDL

Hi -

Apologies ahead of time if this is a user error but I am seeing some strange behavior with Tools -> Web Services -> Generate Java Code from WSDL. I have a WSDL and I have configured my IDEA build 8859 project preferences to point to my Metro 1.3.2 install - I assume this is so IDEA can find tools like wsdl2java and wsimport. When I use Generate Java Code from WSDL in IDEA I get a set of Java classes, however, when I use wsimport from the cmd line and point it at the same WSDL I get the same set of classes, plus some additional ones not being generated by IDEA. I also get the correct default package name space for these classes when I use wsimport, however, when I used IDEA I am forced to supply a package name space for the generated classes. Is this a bug or am I just not setting/using things correctly?


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