Diana and Spring/Tiles2 Integration Support

I'm currently using Spring 2.5 and Tiles 2 on about 25+ web projects/modules
and was curious if we were going to see any kind of Spring and Tiles2
integration support in Diana final?

I'd think using the combination of the 2 projects would be fairly common and
was hoping we'd see at least some basic support in 8.0 before it goes final.

For example if I am using tiles2 in my spring servlet file, I'd love to see
some basic support such as:
1) Moving a JSP to another file will update the tiles def
2) Validation in returning ModelAndView objects in SpringMVC to ensure that
the view exists in tiles def
3) Validation in the tiles def file (no CTRL-click to the file, no
highlighting of invalid paths, validation on build, etc)
4) All tiles2 views definied in web flows are currently highlighted as an

I've filed JIRAs for a couple of the above requests and was hoping we might
see some of these in the final.

Thanks again! I'm looking forward to 8.0 -- definitely going to be an
amazing release!

Grant Gochnauer

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I have created a Tiles 2.0 plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, and url is http://plugins.intellij.net/plugin/?id=1775. You can take a try, and I can fix or add more features. Feedbacks are welcome. :) Spring 2.5, IDEA 8 will support it.


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