Maven issues with Diana-8858

I have two issues with Diana-8858 and Maven

1. All my projects that use the maven-assembly-plugin, version 2.2-beta-1, are flagged with squiggly grey underlines, see the attached image.

2. All my Maven based Run configurations are flagged as error with the message "Error: Invalid project file". These are run configurations that were working fine with the previous version. These project files have been working with Maven 2.0.9 for months. When I first noticed this problem, I went to edit the configurations. All of them had lost their working directory setting. So, I clicked the little box and tried to select the correct directory but was unable to select it. I had to select the pom.xml file but still had the error message. Then I discovered that I could erase the pom.xml from the working directory and the error message went away.

MavenAssembly Errors.tiff

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