Deployment status pane versus logging output pane

Hey All,

I am a dedicated Idea user who wants the Idea UI designers to change the
'deployment status' pane. The problem I have is that it takes up 30% of the
screen when looking at log statements scrolling down the console. Thats
something that like most of you I spend a lot of time doing while debugging.
I find those log lines to be usually quite long if they are to print out
important information. Lastly I never ever even look at the deployment pane.

So why is that pane in the console tab at all -- why is it impossible to
make invisible -- and why does it not remember its position when you scroll
it out of the way? Am I the only one who is spends a lot of time scrolling
it out of the way over and over and over again?

please respond to this email if this bothers you too - I would love to see
that turn into a tab (or simply go away).


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