Is there a way to copy search results as text?


I've done a search that finds a bunch of places where the code needs to be examined and posisbly modified. I'd like to copy the file paths and line numbers (at least) from those results into a ttext file or spreadsheet, so we can track the resulution of each of them.

Is there any way to copy or export those search results? I'm on IDEA Ultimate 12..1.6 if that matters.


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Hi there,

Search Results tool window has Export To Text file functionality -- use it.

In case if you do not see the button -- either temporarily make toolwindow taller .. or click on standard "double chevron right" a-like icon (>>) on the very bottom to see the rest of buttons.

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Duh, thank you. I thought I remembered such a thing, but couldn't find it. The results window happened to be just short enough that it was collapsed away and I missed it.

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I'm not seeing these options in the Find in Path window (either the floating one or the tab one at the bottom).

I'd like to copy the results from the columns in the floating box (where it shows line of code on the left and relative file name on the right), or something like that, maybe where it will also copy line number.

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N.B. if you are in the "Find In Path" window, and therefore don't see this option, click the "Open in Find Window" button. This will cause the results window to get docked, and then you'll see all these extra functionnalities :-)

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I'm not seeing this option in the new floating find window, and the old panel is grouping results by "Unclassified occurrence", "Usage in comments", and "Usage in string constants", but I've noticed sometimes these show redundant results...

I need something exportable that shows 1 result per line, even if it's grouped per file, with file path/name, and line, that won't show redundant results.

Is this possible?


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