Multiple monitors and moving toolwindows to them

Some questions:
1) Is there some way to quickly maximize a floating tool window? For example, I often move "Find" and "Slices" to a secondary monitor, and would like to have them maximized there. Right now I always have to manually adjust the size to cover most of the second screen.

2) I use a laptop that connects to different docking stations (with different monitors of different resolution attached). Sometimes, when moving from a docking station with a larger to one with a smaller monitor, some of the tool windows on the secondary screen end up in a state where they're larger than the secondary screen. Since all the tool window boundaries are off screen, I have no way to resize.

Perhaps both of my problems would be solved if there was some action like "Maximize (floating) tool window". It would maximize (of minimize if it was too big) a toolwindow to the resolution of the screen it's currently displayed. Any chance for something like this, or a workaround?

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