I can't use PHP Plugin in IntelliJ EAP 134.1160


I have installed IntelliJ EAP 134.1160 - there is no PHP Plugin. When I open a .php File a got an message, that ther is a PHP Plugin to install. I do that, and I it look good - the IDE ask to restart.
But after restarting IntelliJ, The PHP Plugin is not installed (no autocompetition or something like that in PHP - ) When I look in the Pluginmanager, there is PHP marked as installed - but the Plugin
Cucumber for Groovy shows an Error (is not installed - I can't press "Apply or OK").

In EAP 133.818 it works fine.

Nobody else this problem?


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Hi there,

Current PHP Plugin is not compatible with that EAP (134.xxx branch) -- it will be when v8 EAP starts



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