SVN compare branch popup not appearing

Hi all,

trying to compare two versions of a source file, I get the following behavior:

  • Right-click the source file, select "Subversion | Compare with..." (not compare with branch)
  • Message "Collecting revisions history for <filename>" is shown in the footer for a second
  • Now a popup window for selecting an appropriate version should appear, but nothing appears. For this file (but not for others), the "Compare with" context menu entries are now greyed out.

Okay, maybe it thinks there are no versions to compare with. But if I

  • right-click the module, select "Subversin | Browse changes",
  • select a revision of which I know the above file has changed,
  • right-click the source file in the changed files tree on the right side of the changes window and select "Show Diff",

then I get the diff view I need. Still it would be easier to use the first way. Any ideas whiy it doesn't work?

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Could you please reproduce the issue for that concrete file and attach idea.log (Help->Show Log in...)?

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Sorry, the problem has vanished. If it reoccurs, I'll send the log. Thanks for your reply.


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