Move .iml files to other directories?



I'm running into problems with my project structure. My .iml files are all located in the root directory. I have problems running junit Tests which reads files, then it looks in the root dir instead of the module dir.
$MODULE_DIR$ is set, but is referencing to the root because there is the .iml file.

So, how can I move them to the corresponding modules? Does just moving breaks something? Or is there an option in the project settings? I can't see one.


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Unfortunately, this is not supported yet:

To do it manualy, please backup (commit) your project first.

Then you can try the following:
. (You may close the project to avoid interaction with IDE.)
. Move .iml to proper location.
. Revise and correct all paths in the .iml. E.g. instead of [content url="file://$MODULE_DIR$/module-name] set [content url="file://$MODULE_DIR$], and so on.
. Correct the paths in .idea/modules.xml for that module.

Various references directly into module content (not via module name), if you have any, should be corrected additionally.


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Hi all,

Replies to this thread may no longer be relevant, but this is supported in the latest verisons of IntelliJ.

Dragging a file *.iml to a new folder in the from the Project Tool Window (⌘+1 / Alt-1) within IntelliJ will prompt a Move File Dialog for the .iml file.
Selecting the checkbox Search for references will find and update all references to the .iml file throughout the project.


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