problem with Python plugin and Intellilang (133.818)


Since a few days (after the latest update ??) my Python project behave strange: when I type a line with quotes (single or double) in it, the cursor refuses to advance to the next line, unless I end the line with a semicolon. I can also use the cursor keys.
There seems to be something wrong in the code checking. This behaviour is the same as when I type "for x in range(5)", without a colon, but in that case it is legitimate.

When I start the project, I get an IDE internal error (attached file). The only solution is to disable the plugin, but then I also loose functionality.

When I open a PHP project, no errors occur.

I use IntelliJ IDEA 133.818 and Python plugin 3.1 Beta 2.

Any suggestions?

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Solved after downloading and installing the latest plugin 3.1 ( This new version was not showed in the Plugin Repository.


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