Terminal exposes unwanted IntelliJ Classpath and LD_LIBRARY

When I use the Intellj IDEA 13 Terminal tool, or launch a terminal from the IDE I find IDEA classpath settings have been set for IntelliJ. If I then try to build a project with Ant or Maven, that use a different JDK to the version IDEA uses (the bootstrap jar) I then get lots of warnings about classes having the wrong bytecode version. I have to ve very careful about either remembering to reset the IDEA vars, or not use the builtin terminal options. Is there some way to stop these being leaked/exposed? either run a script on terminal statup or avoid exporing them in the IDEA startup scripts?

Go into IntelliJ 13 Terminal tool (in Linux) and type:




These env vars are what I'm talking about, they often interfere with what I'm using the shell for.

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