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I have IDEA 13 Ultimate with the PHP plugin and I'm trying to work on a PHP project that uses, well, other PHP projects.  In a nutshell, I have a project create for a site, but I need to pull in a project that is essentially a collection of PHP functions so I get code completion and the like as well as being able to navigate sources in the two projects seamlessly.

To do this, I've tried the "Import Project..." and "Import Module..." options, but neither one works.  For example, if I "Import Project..." I'm presented with "Create project from existing sources" and "Import project from external model".  Since this second project is already defined as a project, I assume I'd use the later option, but then the only choice of "model" is "Gradle" which isn't the answer.

So I chose the former option and it recreates the project (not ideal, but ok), but then the only source files it finds are in a subset of the available subdirectories of the new project, and it finds nothing in the top-level of the new project.  

Fine, so I keep battling through this (although it's already a non-starter) and eventually it creates a project with most of the files missing and it still isn't a part of the original project.  Sigh.  Importing a module is a similarly useless exercise.

I'll concede that maybe I'm just using this wrong.  What I really want is to be able to bring a second project in to the same context as another so I can navigate between them and get the goodies that come with each knowing about the other.  How can I pull that off?  Ideas?

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The problem with "Create from existing sources" should be fixed in the first IDEA 13.1 EAP build

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