How to pass command line options to capistrano?

I love the support for Ruby and Capistrano in 12.1. Being able to debug those Ruby files is wonderful.
One thing that I haven't been able to do, however, is to pass capistrano command line options along when starting a task from IDEA.
We rely a lot on setting variables from the command line, e.g. cap deploy:setup -s a_variable=123 but haven't been able to do this from within IDEA.
We have tried this (in the Capistrano Configuration Dialog):

  1. Adding the -s xx=yy to the task name. Fails with "task does not exist"
  2. Adding as "Task Arguments". Fails with "the task `deploy:setup[a_variable=123]' does not exist.
  3. Assing to Ruby arguments. Doesn't work since they don't seem to be passed on to capistrano.


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Thanks for the assistance, sadly, it's a bug - command line argument are handled Rake-alike whi
ch is incorrect. I've created an issue in our tracking system, so you ca
n monitor it's state

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This has now been fixed and works - at least in IDEA 13 and the corresponding capistrano support plugin


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