Big changes since build 8792?

Did something major change in build 8792? That one and build 8810 seem to have problems on startup, complaining about the integrity of certain XML config files and asking to recreate them. I did this (recreated my modules actually) but looks like 8810 has other issues:

- hangs (freezes)
- can't bring up dialog boxes (find in all files)
- forgets JDK settings on restart

But it seems I can't go back to 8769 because of the above mentioned major changes.

I'm on Mac OS X 10.5.5, JDK 1.6

Anyone else see this behaviour?




Similar setup here and do experience the freezes but am also aware of the "early access" nature of the software so am willing to go through a few breaks / bugs since I kind of bought in to that being a possibility when I started downloading non-release versions. just saying...

I'm sure it'll be fixed re-released soon.


I'm also suffering from the freezes. I've uploaded a couple of CPU snapshots (4 or so), but not all of them captured the (random) freezes I encounter.


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