compilation fails after upgrade

For three years running I have been using IntelliJ without a problem to recompile about a dozen servlets from time to time. I had help in getting IntelliJ set up for this. But now it tells me:

- Using Javac 1.6.0_65 to compile Java sources.
- Error: Java: JavacTask: source release 1.6 requires target release 1.6

A day's struggle hasn't solved the problem. It was almost certainly caused by a recent upgrade to IntelliJ 13 (on Mac OS 10.9). Since my knowledge of IntelliJ is limited, I would appreciate expert guidance. (Neither Ant nor Maven is installed.)

Related question: I also need to move from Java 5 to Java 6 in IntelliJ to remain in sync with the Java in the Oracle I'm working with. Exactly what files need to be downloaded? From where? Where do they go in the OS X file system?

Thanks in advance,
Herb Harrell

I'm not sure this is appropriate, but in the interest of full disclosure I am attaching my IntelliJ settings.

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Please check Project Structure dialog / Modules / problematic module. It has two settings: Source tab / Language level, Dependencies tab / Module SDK. The problem may be a mismatch between these two.

If they refer to project settings then you may find actual values in Project section in the same dialog.

I'm not a big expert in Mac, though.


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This type of thing happens constantly on upgrade. I upgraded this morning, and I am now spending hours trying to figure out why a project that DID compile before the upgrade now says "Error:java: javacTask: source release 1.8 requires target release 1.8".

No code change at all. Just an 'up'grade. This has happened on so many versions of Intellij that I almost always refuse the upgrades. This mrning I was not paying enough attention.

This is incredibly frustrating and costs me enormous amounts of time. I would really appreciate it if there was SOME indication as to what project/file/setting/black magic was causing this to happen repeatedly.


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