How to find what project(s) use a specific External Library

We have a multi-project (maven and gradle) setup and bring in lots of various dependencies. The External Libraries listing is great, but we haven't found a way to find out for a specific External Library in which project it is used, and what possible transitive dependencies bring it in.

Surely, this must be possible in 2014?

Right-clicking a package allows you to choose Analyze-Analyze Backward Dependencies which seems to do nothing of the kind.
The Maven Projects/Gradle tabs are quite unhelpful as well even though they do support typeahead for filtering, but since they only search in expanded folders and there is no "expand all" button to match "collapse all" they cannot be used.

Using IJ Ultimate 13.

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This is possible from Project Structure dialog. There Find Usages is available on a library.

But still not from the project tool window:


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Wonderful - thank you!

And please integrate that existing feature into the Project pane.


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