IntelliJ 13 and Android Studio

Just upgraded to (paid) IntelliJ 13 and I'm wondering whether the Android Studio components have been fully integrated or is it still the case that we need to use AS to get the most out of Android development?
(I'd asked the same question for 12 and I was told no)

If they're not the same, what would I be giving up doing Android dev in IntelliJ?

Thanks in advance.

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They're not absolutelly the same, but we port the new functionality from Android Studio to IDEA 13 regularly. Currently available IDEA 13.0.2 contains all the features of Android Studio 0.4.0 (with few exceptions, such as Studio's project structure UI, which we didn't port to IntelliJ yet). We're going to start the EAPs of 13.1 soon, which will contain the same features as latest versions of Studio. 13.1 is free upgrade for IDEA 13 users. Of course in some moment (in autumn, I suggest) we'll stop adding new Android functionality to IDEA 13 updates and switch to IDEA 14. BTW, we're going to hold IDEA 13 compatible with latest Android Studio versions until the release of IDEA 14 at least. We're not going to port any new functionality from Android Studio to IDEA 12.

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Thank you, Eugene, that's exactly what I needed to know.


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