What is changelist? What are they good for? Why and when should I use more than ome changelist?


What is a changelist in IntellJ IDEA ? A list of changes compared to what?
What does it mean that I can have multiple changelists ? Why should I have multiple changelists?
Why is it good if I have multiple chnagelists?

Especially, when I revert back to an earlier version (using VCS) IntelliJ wants to create a new changelist for that.
Why? In that case the changes will be related to what?

Let's say I revert to version 9 from version 23.
Then the changeslist will contain the changes between version 23 and 9 or between 8 and 9 ?

I tried to read the documentation but it did not give me any enlightment.

Is the IntelliJ changelist the same as, for example,
the concept of changeset in Mercurial, in which case the changelist
is just an other name for a node in the revision history graph, conceptually?

Here is the related SOF question:



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It seems that an answer was given on StackOverflow.

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Yes, indeed. And actually it's quite a good answer !


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