Is it possible to make "How Swap" for a web-service in Idea?

Greetings, Gentlemen!

As we know, there is a convenient feature of hot-swapping while debugging some aaplication. A question is: can I use this trick with some web-service, deployed on some remote host, which I want to debug and hot-swap?

For example, I have a web-service, written with a classes-first approach, which uses annotations. This service is deployed on our jboss instance. I want to change something in WSDL of this service, for example throw a modelled exception. I can add corresponding code to the interface of this web-service and "hot-swap" it. Despite the signature of method is changed, Idea says that the class was reloaded (with that small green message on bottom). But the WSDL is not changed, of course, so my reload doesn't give me the result I want.

I question is: wether I can reload WSDL too?

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