Debugging flex 3 app with RemoteObject

Did someone manage to get the Debugger running with flex RemoteObjects? I am having some problems using Mate and want to debug the application. Due to the sandbox problem I cannot get this to work. The only advise I read somewhere was to install flex builder, I do not believe that.

thanks Jettro

ps the error I get

[RPC Fault faultString="Send failed" faultCode="Client.Error.MessageSend" faultDetail="Channel.Security.Error error Error #2048: Security sandbox violation: file://localhost/Users/jettro/sources/backoffice/backoffice-flex/target/backoffice-flex-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.swf cannot load data from http://localhost:8080/bo/messagebroker/amf. url: 'http://localhost:8080/bo/messagebroker/amf'"]
at mx.rpc::AbstractInvoker/
at mx.rpc::Responder/fault()
at mx.rpc::AsyncRequest/fault()
at mx.messaging::ChannelSet/faultPendingSends()
at mx.messaging::ChannelSet/channelFaultHandler()
at mx.messaging::Channel/connectFailed()
at mx.messaging.channels::PollingChannel/connectFailed()
at mx.messaging.channels::NetConnectionChannel/defaultErrorHandler()
at mx.messaging.channels::NetConnectionChannel/securityErrorHandler()

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