Git integration - force push


I couldn't find anything in the GUI or help on this so I wondered if someone could tell me whether or not this is possible:

In my local Git repo I make two commits and then push these to the remote origin that the local repo was originally cloned from.
In the local repo, I rebase and squash the second commit so that the changes were made in just one commit. I then try and push the rebase back to the origin.

Using the IDEA Git integration, this final step fails, however I can complete the final step at the command line by specifying the --force flag. There doesn't seem to be any way of doing this in IDEA.

Is there a way of specifying --force and/or has it been added in a newer version?

I'm using IDEA version 12.1.4


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Hi James,

Currently there is no way to force push from IDEA yet. Please vote for the feature:

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Thanks Kirill, I've added my vote.


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