How do I get milliseconds to display in the database console output window?

When I run a SQL query that returns a results column that is a timestamp (timestampz specifically) it display the date and time but the time is only displayed out to the seconds level. I can't figure out how to get it to display the milliseconds component as well. I would like the ability to copy-and-paste the time so I can put it into a query but without the milliseconds, the query isn't going to work. I also noticed that if I right click and select "Edit" it opens a dialog that only includes seconds and not milliseconds. Am I missing something?

I've been using the "SQL Query Plugin" for a while but it hasn't been updated in so long and there've been minor annoyances with the built in SQL support that have kept me from switching earlier but it looks like it's finally been broken with version 13.

My DB: Postgres
IDEA Version: 13.0.2, 133.696

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Please file a ticket in YouTrack. Currently all formats are fixed.


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