Hang "Synchronizing Output Directories"

Hello I am a long time user of IntelliJ with a new problem-- every time I compile my project IntelliJ spins for a *very* long time with the message "Synchronizing Output Directories"

This may be related to IntelliJ periodically informing me that my project has been altered and I should reload.  This is also very annoying.

This problem seems to have started with installing the latest Scala and SBT plugin.  The problem occurs on a large Java project with many resource files, and Groovy and Scala. My other Java/Groovy projects seem to work fine.

How can I debug this, and how can I stop it?  The extremely long waits on every build or run make IntelliJ unusable.

Thank you

IntelliJ 13.0.1
Build #IU-133-331
JRE 1.6.0_65-b14-162-11M-4609 x86_64
OSX 10.7.5


Additional info:  Found this message

7:09:42 PM External file changes sync may be slow: Project files cannot be watched (are they under network mount?)


So, are they under network mount?



No, I am developing on a Mac Pro.  The project files are sitting in a normal directory.

I am using Maven, and the dependent libraries are in ~/.m2 in my home directory (also a normal directory)

The source control is GIT.  My other projects also use GIT and work properly, but maybe that has something to do with it.

So, IntelliJ should not be looking at anything that is not in my local file system.

What generates the "network mount" message?  Is IntelliJ measuring the performance of reading and writing files, and complaining?


Hi Peter,

the "network mount" message is produced by helper native process (fsnotifier), which reads a system mount table.
Please check the logs around the time of the message - there should be more details.


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