Question about Subversion for 8M1 - Update/Commit Project

Has something significantly changed in regards to the handling of updating and commiting a Subversion-based project, when configured to use the "Project Root"?

If I do an update/commit project in Selena, then I get a list of affected roots for each of the the modules within the project. If I carry out the same functions in Diana, then the affected "roots" is the directory containing the IPR! (see screenshots) This therefore means that if you try and commit with ctrl-k, which is usually the active changelist, no files are selected since my IPR resides in a seperate sub-directory of the "Project Root". Also project updates only pull down updated files within the IPR's directory - most un-useful.

I'm sure this has only started happening in the last couple of builds. Is this a bug and if not is there any chance of having the old Selena-like functionality back?

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Should I raise this as a bug then? It's currently a blocker for me.

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Yes I had the same problem with last builds.

I resolved it changing Directory value in Version Control project setting dialog. It is set by default with Project Root, which points to IPR directory.

Hope it helps.


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Unfortunately that doesn't help either.

We have all of our modules, for all of our projects, in one top-level directory. Setting a specific directory for the project VCS settings just means that changes are then picked up in directories which are not relevant to the current opened project. For example, my current project has only 3 modules in it, but it is now picking up changes in another 127 modules which reside in the top-level directory, if I make the change suggested!

Anyway, I've raised a JIRA for it (, as I currently can't use Diana for any version control functionality unless I reconfigure every one of my projects.

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OK, our projects are organized hierarchically, which make things easier for this problem.

I'd like to know reasons for this new behaviour. Old one seems more logical to me.

Anyway, I've voted for this JIRA.


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