Android projects: Using DDMS in combination with Intellij IDEA


I recently discovered IntelliJ IDEA as an alternative to Eclipse to develop Android applications.  First impression is excellent: much faster than Eclipse, debugging goes a lot smoother, nicer interface,...

There is, however, one thing that is very different compared to Eclipse: the use of DDMS.

When I want to activate DDMS through 'Tools -> Android -> DDMS' while I'm in a debug session, the current ADB connection is destroyed, the DDMS window is opened and I have to manually setup a new ADB connection before I can see something in the DDMS dialogue box.
In Eclipse, the behaviour is different.  Whether you're using DDMS or not, you can continue with your current debug session + having all the benefits of DDMS (injecting a telephone call, to name one or taking a screen shot, to name another one...) at the same time.  Maybe it works fine because it's one and the same application in case of Eclipse.
Unfortunately, that's not the case for IntelliJ.

Any chance this behaviour is going to change in the future?  Will DDMS become a real part of IntelliJ and as such, be better integrated?

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In fact, the stuff is already in.  After looking a bit deeper in the menu structure, I found out that the following does the stuff I was looking for:

"View -> Tool Windows -> Android"

That will add the Android DDMS window to the bottom of the IDE.

Issue can be closed.

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