Java Background Processes and Mac Mission Control Auto Switching

So I have yet to find a good answer for this and its not specific to IntelliJ. I develop on a mac and I love using apps in full screen mode and just switching "spaces" or using "mission control" as I think it is officially called now(virtual desktops for the rest of the world I guess). Anyway, every time a background java process starts, sometimes from IntelliJ, sometimes from the surefire plugin for maven, the "space" on the screen that is currently active, switches away from whatever im doing and to the default empty space. I have tried disabling "auto switching" in the mission control plist file but then command-tab wont cause spaces to switch for the app I am trying to tab too. At this point Ive just gotten used to cmd-tabing when it happens, to get back to the space I was on, but Im just kinda over it at this point. Anybody else deal with this, or do I just need to get over it?

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