Sending nil="true" for nillable="false" elements in axis 1.4

Hi all,

Axis 1.4 has a problem with sending nil="true" for nillable="false" elements. For example;

if we have a tag in wsdl like;

 <xs:element name="promoCodeValues" maxOccurs="1" minOccurs="0" >
                                <xs:element   nillable="false" name="promoCode" type="ac:stringMax20"/>

Then xml file is always like ;

<promoCodeValues><promoCode xsi:nil="true"/></promoCodeValues>  

which causes a validation problem.

Now in eclipse they have found a workaround for this. Go to Window -> Preferences -> Web services -> Axis Emitter 
and check "Prefers building beans to straight arrays for wrapped XML array types"


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