Custom Swing Theme Designer... offer free themes for Java Apps?


I am having an awesome time to IntelliJ. I love Python because of its simiple syntax and was not too fond of Java because of some of the redundant things it makes you do. But thanks to IntelliJ... things have been better. Java doesn't feel so bad anymore :p.

Anyways, I was wondering why not pack custom Swing based themes along with IntelliJ. Most of the Java developers prefer swing because of its stable reputation but when it comes to customization, that's an argument for another topic.

How about Jetbrains offer custom swing libraries along with IntelliJ as a gift to the Java developers. And I am curious what framework or what you used to design the UI for IntelliJ Darcula theme itself?

Java promotes for your swing theming needs but the skins are just not that cool :/

I want  to make my apps look professional like IntelliJ darcula :D!

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