[B8664] good code marked red

WinXP SP3, JDK6u2

Has anybody seen this behaviour? I open two projects, define a method in an interface, then refer to it in a class.
Everything looks ok. I then change to the other project (cannot confirm that this is the tigger, but it seems to be
related) browse some code and go back to the initial project and the method call to the new method in the
interface is marked as red (no squigly line, the method name is red) and the tool tip states that the reference
cannot be resolved.

Both projects are simple jave projects (with spring being the largest 3rd party lib)

I've logged in a jira: http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEA-19122



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Yes I have the same behavior on Idea 7.0 #7938 Linux platform

Anyway around this?


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