IJ8 MS1 first impressions and problems

So I downloaded MileStone 1 and was pleased to see some signifcant
performance improvements especially in terms of compilation whilst in the

I am impressed with the changes and improvements in this compared to V7.

However, there are several major issues that are really hindering my project
The first of which is that some of the toolbar buttons (Mainly the edit
tools) are constantly disabled (greyed out)
Starting a compile whilst already in a compile causes the compiler to
throw an error, report that the cache may be corrupt ad then re-build the
entire project. There is a second problem with this in that this never seems
to finish and just repeats indefinately.

Reparsing of project:-
Tried to run a find usages (not the first time) the tool randomly
decided to reparse my entire code base including all libraries.

Every so often the editor becomes unresponsive and the cpu useage jumps
through the roof. The most common cause to this is during code completion.

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I downloaded I8 today and it was very good to see all the support for Spring and Webflows etc. Also I was very pleasantly surprised to see the 'all fileset' feature and where you select all the xml configuration files and voila, Intellij is automagically able to resolve all the dependencies, where what is located and all that. Really slick all my red lines went away.

Also performance is very good this early in the release process. It was definitely a lot quicker than 7.0.4 is in terms of loading up the project. I also like the way the tabs look.

And yes freemarker...proper freemarker support. Just brilliant really. I have not been using it for too long but other than that known plugin problem at startup I have not had any problems or complaints yet.


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