Intellij doesn't automatically indent after no bracket if statement, (as3, js)

Hey, so after I do something like
"if (true)" and then press enter, intellij doesn't automatically indent the new line despite it being set so in code style. This works when working with java files, but does not work for AS3 or Javascript/Typescript.
Also running the code formatter will add the indent.

How to fix?


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You may file an issue in
By the way, why not using better style with braces "if (true){" ? Indent will work as expected in this case.

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Personally I like to keep on my braces on their own line to make code easier to read.
I used to do braces for every statement, but I switched over to not having them for 1 like statements for brevity, and having braces end a line of code just looks weird to me.


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