Error highlights ('red squiggles") vanish on restart

Dear all,

I am a new convert from IntelliJ to Eclipse. I find that, if I close IntelliJ and then open it again, all of the "red squiggles" vanish, and I can't find my syntax errors until I build. Not only that, but having built, it only shows the syntax errors reported by the compiler. i.e., if there were two errors, and the compiler gave up after the first one, I won't see the second until I try to compile again.

I realize that it is probably poor form to use these highlights as a guide for work in the first place, but I'd like to maintain the option. Is there a way to force IntelliJ to scan the entire project and highlight any syntax errors?

I found the "inspect code" function, but that does something pretty different, at least as far as I can tell.

Thank you,

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Please try the following settings:
a) Settings / Compiler / Make project automatically = Yes.
b) Settings / Compiler / Java Compiler / Use compiler = Eclipse, Eclipse Options / Proceed on errors = Yes. (If Eclipse compiler is acceptable for you in general.)
And reopen the project. It should imitate the Eclipse mode.

Just notice that this is not "native" way IDEA works. For a long time before IDEA shown errors only on a) explicit compilation invocation by user, or b) opening the problematic file in the editor. The conception behind is that compilation errors are things to be immediately fixed. Then a couple of years ago automatic make was added.


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That explains it! Thank you.


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