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I just recently start to try to move to intellij. After trying it several time i have decided to make the big move. I have downloaded an evaluation of ultimate.

hence i have decided to import my project from eclipse. However i am having some difficulties.

1- When I import a project as a module (inside a a project in Intellij) for which i clearly specify where i would like the project to be imported (i.e. "Keep project and module files in") (i.e. in a folder of the original name inside the current intellij encompassing project folder)

     >>>Intellij do not import the files but references the eclipse project from whithin a new folder that it create. I do not want to mix my source. I want to duplicate the source and have it in intellij. But intellij, is actually pointing to my eclipse project.
           This is an issue for me. Is there a way to avoid that ?

The question how does the import actualy behave. Does it duplicate the all files and create a new dir with all the duplicate files and the conig, or does it simply create a new dir, with conf files that point to the old dir.

What should i do, if i want to go from a project A in clipse to a project A' in Intellij with A' as a clone of A where both are fully independent project ?

Can any one help or assist on this. Many thanks.



Import from Eclipse to IDEA certainly does not clone sources or resources. It just allows to get settings from Eclipse .classpath and .project files to use them in IDEA.

Honestly, I do not remember any user of this import who wanted to get independent copy of sources. But if you're sure, please copy them manually in a file manager.

Please also check the documentation:



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